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Business research is a continous process of collecting information about product and services, supply conditions, business opportunities, and decision-making.
Data collectiong and data analysis is used to determine whether the product or service meets the needs of the consumer, as well as to support decision making process about changing products and services to meet customers’ interests, customer services, and incentive policies. In this regard, we offer the following research products.

This survey provides detailed information that you want to know about the industry. It is based on macro-level data, which is based on secondary data surveys. The main sources of secondary information are the General Authority for Customs, National Statistical Office, Ministries, Seal offices and related organizations, project and policy documents.

This survey determines whether the product or service is in line with the expectations of the customers, what the customer is concerned about, how important your products and service are, and how satisfied or dissatisfied your customers are.

Loyal customers account for 65% of a company’s total revenue.


It identifies the brand value, brand identity, quality and loyalty in the market.

It creates data on your market share volume, its increase and decrease, the market share of your company and your competitors, their capacity and price.

It clarifies the structure of the users of your products and services (age, sex, marital status), habits (interests), attitudes, characteristics of purchases, factors affecting customer choice and customer loyalty.


The survey applies internationally recignized methods and methodology, such as the BLACK BOX model, the VALS model, and behavioral analysis.

This study examines the internal activities associated with the organization, such as the work environment and employee satisfaction, and we offer the following four types of research products in this area. These include:

  • Workers’ Satisfaction Survey
  • Organizational Culture Research
  • Human Resource Survey
  • Wage Survey

It gives information on how customers find the taste, the quality, the appearnace of your products offered in the market, and how they differ from the same kind of products and consumer ratings. Within this study, we offer the following four types of studies:

  • Blind test
  • Testing for packages
  • Product Concept Test
  • Comparative study of similar products

Depending on the development phase of your products, you can have one or more of these four types of research.

Data is collected on the product distribution channel size, locations and availability of your company and competitors and a database is created, and this database is linked to a map which will create a web-based information system that can be viewed online. This gives you an online application for sales channel that enables you to add, remove or update information on the database. The software allows certain authorized users to access all types of information related to sales, regardless of location or time.

It is also possible to place above geographic information in the system together with demographics and other factors in the area.

Buyers who are trained to collect data visits service branches and observe the quality of the services and the check if the products and services meet the standards.

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