Our data collection team is working in 30 soums of 5 aimags

The survey is being conducted in 30 soums of Arhangai, Bayankhongor, Govi-Altai, Zavkhan and Khuvsgul aimags and data collection team completed the preparation and left for the survey. Data collection will continue from January 30, 2017 until February 20, 2017.
It is important to ensure that a research work is well-prepared and a detailed plan is devised. Preparation work has been carried out in following areas. These include:

Training: A 3-day classroom training for the research team’s leaders, supervisors and researchers was conducted and tested. We also provided full documentation and equipment required for the research staff.

Data Collection Team: The data gathering team has been trained and prepared to work in In 30 soums of 5 aimags. There are 5 team leaders and supervisors, 20 research workers, 5 drivers and total of 30 team members. Tablets are used to collect survey data and the data is sent to the central server, reviewed and instructed. Each team collects data under the supervision of leaders and supervisors.

Head office team: Head office team is working to ensure that each team is working safely and in accordance with the schedule and control the quality of the data.
On location monitoring Team: Our on location monitoring team will leave 7 days after the start of data collection.

We would like to wish good luck for the data collection team for their work.