We conducted Government Agencies’ Fairness Assessment

The Anti-Corruption Agency implements the function of “studying the forms, scope and causes of corruption at least once every two years and report the corruption index to the public” in accordance with Article 18.1.3 of the Anti-Corruption Law and “evaluating the integrity of public institutions on the basis of surveys of individuals and organizations that have received public services and report them every 2 years” in accordance with Article 18.1.7 of Article 18 of the Law.

Under this function, SICA team has conducted the fairness assessment of government agencies within the following goals and objectives:

  • Provide the basic information for strengthening justice, eliminating the causes of corruption, stopping corruption and engaging in government agencies in combating corruption;
  • Identify actions that are necessary to be taken to increase the evaluation of the organization
  • Increase the willingness to improve evaluation results by government agencies by informing the public about the results of the evaluation and promote initiatives and incentives for reducing corruption.

The fairness assessment was based on 62 sub-indicators of the assessment of external fairness, assessment of internal fairness and expert assessment. The survey was conducted within 9411 employees from 62 government agencies.

We are deeply grateful to all government agencies and employees who have actively participated in the survey.

Together for the non-corrupt society!