The purpose of “RESEARCHER” training is to educate all phases of research begnning from research planning, data collection, processing and analysis.


You will have the necessary knowledge and skills for planning and organizing independent research and analysis.


Anyone who is interested in research and development will be able to attend. These include:

  • Mid-level managers,
  • Sales, marketing managers,
  • Training and survey managers,
  • Anyone interested in research.


Each subject of the curriculum consists of three parts: theory, practice, and certification. It provides participants with the opportunity to use their knowledge from the training directly in practice. Starting from the beginning of the course until the end of the training, a complete research and analysis is carried out within the selected research type.


Training is for 18 hours. You can choose interested subjects from our curriculum and learn from what you need.


Training will be organized under the 6 core topics. These include:

  1. Basic knowledge of research;
  2. Sample survey methodology;
  3. Methodology for preparing a questionnaire;
  4. Data collection activities;
  5. Application of softwares;
  6. Analysis and reporting activities


  • Obtain a general understanding of the research, and have the ability to prepare research design and plan the process.
  • Learn the basic concepts of sampling, designs and appropriate sampling and dissemination methods.
  • Learn how to develop a questionnaire, learn about the questionnaire question and answer type and form, and develop a questionnaire independently.
  • Study the data collection methods, techniques, phases and principles of use.
  • Use the applications (CSPro and SPSS) that are widely used in research and analysis, to enter and analyze data.
  • Learn methods for analyzing data and writing reports.
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