Project management

Investigate whether your business ideas are feasible.

Based on the feasibility study, business men will be able to start and expand the business in local and national level and make a sound decision before investing.

Within the feasibility study, it is possible to study and evaluate the following issues. These include:

  1. Market opportunity
  2. Technological possibilities
  3. Economic and financial feasibility
  4. Legal feasibility
  5. Functional and organizational feasibilityж

In addition to identifying whether the project is feasible, it serves as the document to form the basis of project financing and business plans, as well as used for making decision for implementing, stopping and continuing the project or conducting further research.

For a large scale project, the feasibility study is divided into preliminary feasibility studies and bank feasibility studies. Although they are the same in terms of princiles used, they differ by the depth of research. Preliminary Feasibility Study describes, analyzes, and selects the most feasible business alternatives, whereas the business plan is approved and the project moves on to implementation stage based on the Bank Feasibility Study.

Our company will study your business ideas and offer you the best feasibility scenarios, as well as provide you with a professional business plan. The first step in finding a business investor is to make a business plan.

The business plan is understood as the project document, but the two concepts are different in regard with following points:

  1. Their goal is different
  2. The scope/Project is the process of solving inevitable problems, while the business plan consists of many projects and is defined as a result of an organized and continuous activities with specific goal.
  3. Duration/project is implemented between prior set start and end dates, while the business plan will be revised and modified prior to the date of inception.
  4. Different in terms of non-repetitive and continous nature.

Impact Assessment is a process of determining what will be the current and future impacts of a project, policy, or program and it includes management activities to analyze and evaluate the necessary and unpredictable consequences, the positive or negative impacts and the changes they might bring.

  1. Environmental Impact Assessment
  2. Social Impact Assessment
  3. Health impact assessment

Impact assessment is an independent survey but is also conducted as a part of the feasibility study. The modern project management approach is to find ways to minimize adverse impacts based on a IA findings and to incorporate them into project implementation.

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