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SICA LLC is committed to using the latest research methodology and advanced technology in relation to electoral laws and regulations.

What are the problems faced to you regarding your political affairs?

Question 1: What are the ways to identify a politicians’ rating?
Question 2: What is the method of determining the factors affecting the electoral process of voters?
Question 3: What needs to be taken into account to be a political party or politician that meets voter preferences?
Question 4: How to determine how social, economic, and political activities are affecting public opinion?
Question 5: How to determine the principles, concepts, values and structures of your political party correcly?

 In what ways do you address these problem?

SICA Answer 1: This issue will be determined by RATING research.
SICA Answer 2: This issue will be determined by the VOTER BEHAVIOUR survey.
SICA Answer 3: This issue is determined by the study of political PR and IMAGE survey.
SICA Answer 4: This issue is determined by the CURRENT SITUATION survey.
SICA Answer 5: This issue is determined by the INTERNAL SURVEY OF POLITACAL PARTY.

The purpose of the study: The purpose of the rating study is to examine public opinion on social, economic and political issues and to estimate the ratings of political parties and politicians.

Survey results: Makes familiarity and rating of political parties and politicians clear.

How do we conduct the rating survey? Our company has experience in rating research for candidates and political parties for 2012, 2016 Parliamentary Election and Local Government Election.

Objectives of the study: Identify the factors affecting the choice of the voters and their behavior.

Survey results: Voter behavior is constantly evolving. The study identifies the factors affecting voters’ choices, such as voter habits (interests), attitudes and characteristics of voters (age, gender, marital status), and voter loyalty. It also identifies the characteristics of the gray group or the politically inactive group.

What do we do within the Voter’s Behavior Survey? Our company completed 7 major surveys to determine the behavior of the Voters in 2016, for candidates and PR and marketing consulting firms.

Purpose of the survey: To create a political image of a political party or a politician that is accepted to the citizens and the public.

Research Outcome: Identify the correct image and style of political parties and politicians.

What do we do in the framework of the PR and image research? We provide research-based PRs and consulting services.

The purpose of the study: Determining the current state of politics.

Survey results: It determines how the events, decisions made and the actions taken within the social, economic, and political sectors and have influenced the social opinion. These include:

  • Governance and decision making
  • Socio-economic situation
  • Citizen’s political attitudes

What do we do within the situation survey? We have experience in completeing many commendable socio-economic baseline studies to determine the political situation.

The purpose of the study: To determine the principles, concepts, values, and organizational structures of your political party with the participation of all members.

The results of the survey: The study identifies the structure, institutionalization of political parties, its behavior, attitudes, concepts, democracy, and political influences.

What do we do within the internal research of political parties?

Country development and democracy are directly dependent on the internal organization, values, concepts, and political culture of the political party in the power. Within this framework we conducted the internal survey of Mongolian People’s Party in Bayanzurkh district.

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