Improving the directory and database of archive service project

We conducted research on developing an electronic content recommendation for inquiry service to archive service directory and database

The purpose of this survey is to make the flow of inquiries from Citizens and Entities efficient and develop a directory and database of archival services by providing information on the documents stored in other government and specialized archives, information on references and services provided by one window or one system service.

The survey was conducted within 38 archives of Ulaanbaatar and 21 aimags. The following information was collected from these organizations using online survey methodology for developing handbook:

  1. Information about the organization
  2. Information for each sector that provides references and services
  3. Information of each referral and service provided by the archives
  4. Instructions on collection of references and services to citizens, business entities and organizations, and their payment
  5. The detailed information, such as the information stored on the archive organization, is given individually.

SICA Team would like to express our gratitude to the following organizations:

The Asia Foundation – has provided financial support to the research and development of this information and recommendation for DIRECTORY AND DATABASE OF ARCHIVAL SERVICE,

Capital Archival Agency – cooperated with providing the methodological support,

General Archival Authority – cooperated with activating the archival organizations.

It was not possible to conduct this survey without your support.

Thank you for collaborating.

Our future cooperation will expand …