Internship opportunities

An internship will enable you to become a valuable professional in the future, and give you an opportunity to put your theoretical knowledge into practice and become a skilled expert.

As an intern you can:

Develop your analytical skills

  • Use the theoretical knowledge gained in the university and put it directly into practice and take steps to become a skilled specialist.
  • Work with large-scale databases and develop your logical and critical thinking skills.
  • Study and analyze a variety of research methods and make valuable investment in your future.

Become a team player:

  • Work with enthusiastic and friendly young people and be inspired.
  • Feel the benefits of warm and positive culture.
  • Become a researcher with high ethics and superb communication skills.

Learn to appreciate the value of accurate information:

  • Master the skills and techniques to obtain precise and high quality data and manage the team.
  • Learn the methods of planning, monitoring and managing the research process.
  • Work on software that is widely used in research and analysis, and learn the latest world-leading technologies.

Required qualifications:

  • Grade point average must be higher than 3.0 or 85%;
  • Must be third year or fourth year student in business management, financial
  • management, information technology, accounting, economics or sociology;
  • Have excellent time management and well-organized;
  • Have a passion for learning and development;
  • Be creative and social activist.
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