You will join the friendly team of of SICA and successfully implement projects and programs in your area of expertese..

We would like to invite you to cooperate with us if our activities meet your goals and objectives:

  • Participate in a project or a program as one team. Receive all the necessary updated quantitative data in a timely manner, carry out analysis and and work together effectively.
  • Co-operate with us in your area of expertese and profession by providing consulting. Contribute to Mongolia’s socio-economic growth by providing recommendations for major projects being implemented in your field of expertise.
  • Put new initiatives into reality with joint efforts. Exchange experiences with SICA’s dynamic young team and implement innovative ideas and initiatives.

We are always looking for productive, competent and skilled members for our consulting team. Do you want to cooperate with us and get registered in our consultants database? SICA will be your reliable and trustworthy partner.

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Maximum upload size: 2.1MB