You will lead your career progression and build your professional profile in the field of research and consulting, and make investment in your future.

You will enjoy our performance-based competitive compensation and incentive system.

You will be on the cutting edge of the field in this information era, get involved in most exciting new ideas and developments and feel the energy.

Build your future in harmony with the goals of the company.

A team that is professional and better trained

Join our experienced and professional team, who are capable of working in muliple fields and and move forward together.

Get involved in various local and international training programs progressively and make your professional development constant one.

Study and implement international methods and standards and stay up-to-date with the world development trend.

Positive and purposeful colleagues

We establish a healthy culture of the company and provide equal opportunity for every employee to progress and personal development.

Every employee works enthusiastically and motivated to reach the goal that is common to the employee and the company.

We created an outcome and resolution-oriented environment that has respect for one another and professional ethics.

Healthy and vibrant colleagues

Employees are involved in social welfare and cultural programs.

We are committed to providing the proper assistance to meet our responsibility towards the employee’s family and community.

We provide healthy and safe working environment that meets company culture and employee satisfaction.


To submit a material to the recruitment and selection process, please note the following:

Your application will only be accepted online so you can visit our website and submit your CV.

Your application will only be submitted only when it is completely filled.

When you send your application, you must attach your photo, certificate of education, other professional and skill development training certificates.

Please send your suggestions and recommendations on human resources to

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